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 A New Twist In The Robert Parratore Saga

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A New Twist In The Robert Parratore Saga Empty
PostSubject: A New Twist In The Robert Parratore Saga   A New Twist In The Robert Parratore Saga Icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 12:24 pm

Robert Parratore is again on the scene, this time not posting hostile remarks against the Vampyre Community, but instead at the center of a dispute about his real identity. According to Kate Blanche, head of House Morpheus in Philadelphia, Robert Parratore is her alter ego, and not Lupia Sappho Wolf's.

Apparently the "real" Robert Parratore owned up and come out of the coffin on Facebook last Friday. Kate Blanche made her post on her profile in which she said:

"‎1/7/10: Out of the coffin, as promised. "Robert Parratore" is MY nom de plume. Applause to the whole three people who figured that one out. I recognize the existence of a "real vampire community", but I do not accept its validity or any kind of authority. I will not bend my neck to its yoke. We are all our own ultimate authority and cannot be herded or turned into some kind of book club/scout troop. Friday at 8:52pm".

Now if this confession is true, what are the implications? If Kate Blanche is Robert Parratore, then does that mean Lupia Sappho Wolf is really innocent?

Last year, convincing and conclusive evidence showed that Robert Parratore was actually Lupia Sappho Wolf. The chief evidence led against Lupia Sappho Wolf was her IP address which was identical to that of Robert Parratore on posts made by both parties, as well as her website url given as a reference on a site where hostile posts were made against the VC. This confession by Kate Blanche appears to place this conclusion under a different light.

Just a few days prior to making the confession, Kate Blanche changed her educational details and business details on her profile. On her Facebook profile, her occupation is "Owner-Operator Of Morrell Satz Funeral Home", education "BA, Psychology, University of Pennsylvania" and "Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science San Francisco College Of Mortuary Science". Robert Parratore claimed to have been a clinical researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, and yes, he demonstrated knowledge of psychology to a degree, so this should follow to a degree, if Kate Blanche is telling the truth.

During last year's investigation, the University of Pennysylvania denied knowledge of any Robert Parratore being part of it's staff. Parratore subsequently changed his educational details to indicate instead the University of Kazykstan, which operates out of a former Soviet member-state.

That aside, let's examine for a moment the facts that Lupia Sappho Wolf was judged on - which is chiefly: a) the content of her own comments matching those of RP in terms of bias, b) posts by both Lupia Sappho Wolf and Robert Parratore being made from her IP address c) the reference url to vampgeist.com, Lupia Sappho Wolf's own site, made seemingly by accident by Robert Parratore.

The evidence above is not in dispute, however, the new claim by Kate does present a different dimension to the matter.

1) Kate Blanche is a real person, not another fake profile, seeing as many community members know her personally. She has also confirmed the authenticity of the post on her Facebook profile.
2) If Kate Blanche is Robert Parratore, then Kate Blanche must have made these posts from Sappho Wolf's computer or internet connection, because the IP address was the same.
3) Both Kate Blanche and Sappho Wolf operate through LSW's Vampgeist website. This can be shown by Kate's email address as listed on her Facebook profile - kateblanche@vampgeist.com

Because the IP address is the same, and both Kate Blanche and Lupia Sappho Wolf are involved with Vampgeist, then it has to be assumed that the two know each other in real life. To support this theory, we turn to Kate Blanche's profile again, which records her location as Philadelphia, PA, so this places her in the same geographical area as Lupia Sappo Wolf. Further, articles written by Lupia Sappho Wolf, one in particular being posted under her Dayside name (Emilie Conroy) on October 30 2008 - "Philadelphia's Vampire House Morpheus". In this article Emilie Conroy interviews and accompanies Kate Blanche on a tour of her House premises, House Morpheus, where she says she spent a weekend. (As a funny aside, she posts on her own article as Lupia Sappho Wolf and compliments herself on her writing. "Em, this is an excellent piece about the real vampire community! You managed to cover your experience with sensitivity and thoughtfulness. I will be sure to direct the vampires I know to your article, and please mail me anytime.") When we look on Kate Blanche's Facebook profile wall, we see numerous posts by Emilie Conroy, indicating the two are friends. I think this is enough to show that the two know each other.

Meanwhile, investigations have revealed that the funeral home Kate Blanche claims to own and operate, does not exist.

There are several conclusions one could draw from all this,

1) Lupia Sappho Wolf is Robert Parratore and following her disgrace and excommunication, somehow convinced her friend Kate Blanche to take the fall for her and clear her name.


2) Kate Blanche is Robert Parratore and used Lupia Sappho Wolf's computer or internet connection to make posts as Robert Parratore a) without Lupia Sappho Wolf's prior knowledge, b) That she could have done so in order to frame Lupia Sappho Wolf. c) that she decided to confess her guilt out of remorse for the effect on her friend, or out of jealousy for her friend receiving the credit for her actions.


3) Lupia Sappho Wolf and Kate Blanche, being friends and working together on Vampgeist, Tacrostica and Lupia Sappho Wolf's numerous other projects, while also having many views in common on the topic of the Vampyre Community, a) acted in unison in order to cause a split between Sang and PSI communities within the VC because they felt that they would profit by this action in some way. b) Kate Blanche later decided to confess her guilt out of remorse for the effect on her friend, or because like the narcissists so many of us are, she desired credit for her deception, or c) Lupia Sappho Wolf, following her disgrace and excommunication, somehow convinced Kate Blanche to take the fall for her and clear her name.

Of course, point three is pure conjecture, but it is by far my favorite hypothesis at the moment. Either way I doubt that this new turn of events washes either of their hands clean.
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A New Twist In The Robert Parratore Saga
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